We are four young Romans and Archaeologists, all with a great passion and family tradition for food and especially for the city of Rome.

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The idea for RomaEat was born on one of our wonderful travel experiences together – during a snowshoe hike on the beautiful snow-capped mountains not far from the city. Inspired by the magical atmosphere we started thinking about the RomaEat project, understanding from the start that our intention was to combine the culinary secrets of Rome to its historical and cultural beauties and that we wanted to give tourists something that could not be found until now: Living a day in the city as a true Roman, a unique and unrepeatable experience!

Although it is a difficult moment for Italy, hit by various economic problems , we have not given up and with the love we have for our land we have been able to achieve this wonderful dream. We finally have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share with them all our passions, ideas and experiences. It will be a pleasure for us to live and discover with you the colors and thousand hidden places of the Eternal City and we thank you from the bottom of our heart if you decide to support our dream and give us the chance to meet you.

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